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Master Leather/Vinyl Protection

Our Master Leather/Vinyl Protection not only prevents damage from UV rays but also from other elements like dirt, dust, water, and solid debris that can accelerate the rate at which the interior finishes wear out. Replacement with genuine parts can be expensive – so it is vital that you maintain them.

With one application of our Master Leather/Vinyl Protection you can guarantee your car is protected for the years to come. Its deep reach formula helps avoid cracking and blistering whilst making it easy to clean and maintain. 

The worst enemy of these common surfaces is the ultra violet rays in sunlight. Master Leather/Vinyl Protection contains this formula to maintain softness, suppleness and an "as new" appearance.


Our Master Leather/Vinyl Protection creates an invisible shield to protect leather and vinyl against premature aging and damaging stains, without harmful oils that can discolour or damage leather.


Mackays weather exceeds 38°C+ creating extreme heat conditions that are very damaging to the interior leathers and vinyls, that's why great quaitly products such as our Master Leather/Viynl Protection is  just as important as car polish, soap, waxes or any other products used to keep your car pristine.

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