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Automotive Protection

Here at Tint Master we do more then just window tinting, we do all kinds of car protection interior and exterior to ensure that your vehicle stays in the best condition for the longest time possible. 



Paint Protection

Unique three way assault the elements with UV inhibitors and stabilisers, you simply wipe away road grime. Ceramic (used to protect space shuttles from the searing heat of re-entry) forms a heat shield against the blistering effects of the sun.

100% Carnuba Wax (the hardest natural wax on earth) forms a super resilient seal with the UV inhibitors and stabilisers promoting a high lustre, long lasting showroom shine - simply wash with Tint Master Carwash - hose off and the showroom finish shines through - there's no need for tedious washing and polishing.


Vinyl/Leather Protection

One application of Tint Master Vinyl and Leather Protection will last longer - it's deep reach Tint Master boosted formula helps avoid cracking and blistering.

The worst enemy of these common surfaces is the ultra violet rays in sunlight. Tint Master vinyl and leather Protection contains this formula to maintain softness, suppleness and an "as new" appearance.



Fabric Protection

Tint Master resin based Fabric Protection is applied to all the fabric and carpeted areas of your car. Once treated, they will simply shrug of stains. Tint Master Fabric Protection coats each fibre with an invisible, odourless protective barrier that's guaranteed to last - it wont change the look and the feel of the fabric or carpet but it will improve the wear by up to 50% longer.

Ingenious addition of Tint Master promotes an easy wipe and clean remedy for almost all liquid, dirt, grime and oil spills.

Electronic Rustproofing

The Tint Master Electronic Rust Proofing unit runs off the battery system of your vehicle by a method called capacitive coupling. ADC voltage (negative charge) is pulsated through all metal surfaces forming an excess field of ION's. This protective field inhibits the formation of rust and oxidation. The unit is the only electronic rust prevention unit which emits a DC voltage strong enough to be read on a Volt-OHM meter. A stable Ferric Oxide dusting formed on all exposed metal surfaces creating a protective coating preventing further rust formations. 


When it come to new or used cars there are numerous benefits. Our services blocks out the sun and the heat and ensure your car remains in the best condition possible, preventing fading on sun damage to your interior. 
Whilst keeping the sun and heat out it also keeps the cold air in allowing your aircon to not need to work as hard. 

Choose right the first time at Tint Master Mackay! Mackay oldest tinting shop since 1995!

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