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Image by Kartik Bhattacharjee


Master Paint Protection

Our Master Paint Protection uses a unique formula containing UV inhibitors, stabilisers and ceramic.
You simply wipe away road grime.
Sealed in with 100% Carnauba Wax the world strongest sealant it's stronger then concrete. It is the best performer for durability and shine.



Leather/Vinyl Protection

Our Master Leather/Vinyl Protection not only prevents damage from UV rays but also from other elements like dirt, dust, water, and solid debris that can accelerate the rate at which the interior finishes and fabrics wear out. Replacement with genuine parts can be expensive – so it is vital that you maintain them.


Master Fabric Protection

Master Fabric Protection is a  resin based Fabric Protection is applied to all the fabric and carpeted areas of your car. Once treated, they will simply shrug of stains. Ingenious addition of Master Fabric Protection promotes an easy wipe and clean remedy for almost all liquid, dirt, grime and oil spills.


Electronic Rustproofing

The Tint Master Electronic Rust Proofing unit runs off the battery system of your vehicle by a method called capacitive coupling. ADC voltage (negative charge) is pulsated through all metal surfaces forming an excess field of ION's. This protective field inhibits the formation of rust and oxidation. The unit is the only electronic rust prevention unit which emits a DC voltage strong enough to be read on a Volt-OHM meter. A stable Ferric Oxide dusting formed on all exposed metal surfaces creating a protective coating preventing further rust formations. 

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