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"No-Fault" Warranty

At Tint Master Central Mackay, we offer a top-tier warranty to safeguard your window tint from unforeseen incidents. While manufacturer warranties typically exclude issues like scratches, chips, pet or child damage, or non-material failures, our comprehensive No-Fault Warranty ensures full coverage when life's unexpected events occur. You can rely on us to protect your investment and provide peace of mind.

No-Fault Warranty

Our No-Fault Warranty is tailored to protect the high-performance window tint on your side windows affordably. In the event of scratches, dings, or damage, we will replace the tint with the same film type and shade at no additional cost. Please be aware that this warranty specifically excludes coverage for windshield, sunroof, and rear window tints. Rest easy knowing that even unexpected mishaps, such as damage from children, are covered under our comprehensive No-Fault Warranty, focused exclusively on safeguarding your side windows.

Tint Master Mackay No-Fault Warranty is not transferable.

The warranty coverage extends to the original purchaser for 5 years from the date of installation, as long as they still own the specific vehicle that was originally tinted by Tint Master Mackay.


The No-Fault Warranty can only be used when there is a legitimate need for it, not just for the sake of using it.

No defects in the glass is covered under this warranty.

The warranty applies only to side windows tint and does not cover windshield, sunroof, and rear window tints.

How Do I Redeem Warranty Service?

To redeem warranty service, please visit our store in person with the actual vehicle to view the damage. You will need to bring along the original window tinting. Our team will assess the damage on-site and assist you with the verification process to schedule your warranty service accordingly. We do not schedule warranty appointments without complete verification of eligible warranty service.


This warranty excludes coverage for glass breakage and any costs associated with additional components or services needed to restore the vehicle to optimal operation. The warranty will be void if corrective actions are taken by unauthorized entities or if the warranted part is tampered with. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover windshield tint, sunroof tint, or rear screen tinting. To apply for warranty service, customers must provide the original sales receipt. Non-refundable.

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